My Biography

Howdy, my name is Ryan and I’m just starting up this site b/c I took Info209 and now I know how. I’ve always kinda liked the idea of having a site, but I’ve never had the resources available to me ’til now. I am a student at Texas A&M (obviously), and I got my undergrad as an I.D. major (c/o ’04) and I’m currently in the Construction Management Masters program working on that.

I love baseball in general, Aggie baseball and Aggie football, so this site will probably be based on that a lot, as well as random stuff about aTm that I find interesting and maybe if you’re lucky, some stuff goin’ on in my life. Lets see, what else is there to tell…I’m a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan, & I like the Oakland A’s, Houston Astros, & the Boston Red Sox as well.

The only baseball team that I like more than the Cubs is the Aggie baseball team. There are very few places that I’d rather be than out at Olsen Field. I went to 28 of the 35 home Aggie baseball games in ’02 but slouched a bit 2003 (only 12 games). You’d think that drop off would help my GPR, but no, definately did better in Spring of 2002. I was able to attend 32 total Aggie games in 2004, my last spring in College Station and I still managed to somehow improved my overall GPA….let’s just call that an Aggie miracle. After moving back to Houston in December and commuting to school on a non-daily basis I wasn’t able to get to as many games last season at Olsen as normal but thanks to the MMP Tourney and away games at Rice and UofH I ended up catching about 13 or 14 live games. Thankfully, the NHL went on strike so ESPN & FSN filled their empty time slots with NCAA baseball (including a good bit of Aggie baseball).

During my undergrad I was a member of the Texas A&M Iron Spikes, and we/they have a couple of spots out in Aggie Alley, which is awesome!

I have a really close-knit family and we are all a bunch of goof-balls (I think that comes from the Scottish side). Most importantly I have an amazing new bride, Jennifer, who I met during our freshman year here at A&M. The youngest members of our family are our pups….a Boston Terrier named Olsen and a Sheltie named Kylie (get it? Kylie and Olsen…Kyle Field and Olsen Field).

Once Fall rolls around I seem to forget about baseball (unless the Cubs are in the pennant race) and I start focusing on college football. I have only missed two home football game (’04 OU game & the ’05 Texas State hurricane game) since I’ve arrived here on-campus (plus I’ve been to 3 away games). I didn’t really follow football until I got up here but now Saturdays during the fall are my favorite day of the week.

My favorite Aggie tradition is Yell Practice….it continues to amaze me seeing 30,000 people all come together in the middle of a Friday night to get pumped about the next day’s game.

I like to collect information. That may sound a bit strange, but I like to keep magazine and newspaper clippings that are interesting, and I love to keep score at every game I go to (as well as take pictures). I am definately a member of a dying breed with the scorecard…I can’t think of the last time I saw someone else my age keeping score. I do it so I can go back and see if I saw so-and-so pitch or which HR I saw McGwire hit, etc.

I don’t consider myself a “stat head” in the sense that I am a SABR member but I do love baseball statistics and I try my best to provide as many of them as I can. Sometimes I’ll use new and “trendy” stats but I try to keep it basic.

Well, that’s about all I can think of right now, I’ll update this “bio” part if I think of anything else. I can’t promise how often this entire webpage will be updated or how long I’ll actually keep up with it w/o losing interest (I wrote that in the summer of ’03). ‘Til then, keep on comin’ back.

Summer of ’98: In the Bleachers at Beautiful Wrigley Field & Pat and Me Getting Our Aggie Rings (Nov. 6, 2003)

Hometown Spring, Tx (Westfield HS)
Currently Resides Houston, Tx (Cy-Fair)
B-Day December 3rd, 1981 (lets remember this ’round December)
Current Goal A Complete my Masters program
Current Goal B *Have a DVD collection so cool that everyone who sees it says “Dang, you’ve got an awesome DVD collection!”
Lifelong Dream **Visit every ballpark and see a game in every Major League city
Biggest Accomplishment Getting into aTm
Most Memorable Sports Moment Hitting a double of Josh Beckett my Jr. year in HS
Girlfriend Just married
Pete Rose in HOF? I’m on the fence with this but…No, he signed the documents banning him from baseball
Dh? No
Fastest 40 yard dash Never ran a 40 (i did run a 6.7 60-yard dash…many years ago)
Fastest Mile Run 6:46…some guy (Keith Acree) said he could beat me in HS but I almost lapped him…don’t talk trash unless you’re going to back it up…and don’t make me mad, it just motivates me (previous best was 7:06)
Role Model My old man
Favorite Ballpark Wrigley Field
Favorite Book-Any the “Lonesome Dove” series
Favorite Book-Sports Feeding the Green Monster by Rob Neyer
Saving the Pitcher by Will Carroll
Moneyball by Michael Lewis
Baseball Number 24
Favorite Vehicle (other than my truck) ’05 Mustang or Nissan Z
Favorite Hangout Either with my gal at our place or at Olsen Field with my boys
Favorite Food Pappasitos (Mexican joint down here in Tx)
Magazines I Read Regularly Baseball America
Espn the Mag (only if i see an interesting article)
Sports Illustrated (only if i see an interesting article)
“Sports Weekly” (only during baseball season; formerly Baseball Weekly)
Random Things I Like New socks
Fluffy towels
Sweet Tea from Texas Road House or Chicken Express
Dinner Rolls from Road House
Going to Games with My Dad
Seeing my Wife Smile
Meeting Genuine People
Finding $ in my pocket
Day baseball games
Random Things I Don’t Like Socks w/ seam on end of toe
People who don’t turn right at red light if there is more than one lane
Dog hair on everything
People who borrow stuff but don’t take care of item as well as I would
Stupid People
Cold Rain
Trying to open DVDs
Hearing my alarm go off
Favorite Pro Baseball Players See here
Favorite Aggie Baseball Player-Past Cory Patton & Cliff Pennington
Favorite Aggie Baseball Players-Present Jordan Chambless & Jason Meyer
Favorite Pro Basketball Player-Ever Jordan
Favorite Pro Basketball Player-Current Don’t watch it anymore
Favorite Aggie Basketball Players Antoine Wright & Acie Law
Favorite Pro Football Player-Ever Bo Jackson (post-Auburn)
Favorite Pro Football Player-Current Terrence Murphy
Favorite Aggie Football Players-Past Ja’Mar Toombs, Terrence Kiel, Roylin Bradley, T-Murph, Evan Carthey
Favorite Aggie Football Players-Present Justin Brantly, Jorvorskie, Devin Gregg, & Howard Morrow
Favorite Color Toss up: Maroon & Cubs Blue
Favorite Actor/Actress Ben Stiller/Christina Applegate
Favorite Movie-Funny Office Space Old School & Meet the Parents
Favorite Movies-Real Gladiator & Rudy
Favorite Music Genre Texas Country
Favorite Music Artists Cory Morrow, Pat Green, George Strait, Granger Smith, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, & Gary Allan
Favorite Songs “Feelin’ Good Again” by Robert Earl Keen
“Songs About Texas” by Pat Green
“Seashore of Old Mexico” by George Strait
Favorite TV Shows The Sopranos, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Office, How I Met Your Mother, & Arrested Development
Favorite/Least Favorite Announcer Jon Miller/Tim McCarver

*Currently contains: Gladiator, Rudy, The Last Samurai, Fight Club, The Insider, Ocean’s 11, The Usual Suspects, Traffic, Road to Perdition, Taxi Driver, Major League Baseball All-Century Team, *61, The Patriot, Snatch, Scarface, Boiler Room, The Count of Monte Cristo, Open Range, Desperado, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, All the Pretty Horses, Lord of the Rings (I & II), Nothing To Lose, Zoolander, American Pie, the Sopranos Season 1, the Sopranos Season 2, the Sopranos Season 3, Austin Powers, Animal House, Road Trip, & Old School, Office Space, Super Troopers, Eight Crazy Nights

**Cities down: Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago (AL), Chicago (NL), Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Minnesota, New York (AL), New York (NL), Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, St. Louis, Texas, & Toronto